Thursday, October 6, 2011

Social Worker Update

Here's an update from one of the social workers at dad's current place with her take on the current discharge plan.

"I spoke with the nurse she said that the MD is addressing the blood pressure issues and made a medication change which was put in place this morning. Hopefully the MD will be able to resolve the blood pressure issue so that he can reach his maximum potential with therapy. You are welcome to call the nurse at his station which is station # 2 for any nursing issues and call therapy if you have questions regarding therapy. Our number here is (805)543-0210 nursing’s extension is 212 and therapy is 207. I will contact you again when the MD feels that your dad has reached his maximum potential here. Feel free to call or email anytime.


Just a quick note to give the latest updates!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your One-Stop Shop for All Info on Dad

We've all been writing back and forth to give our updates on dad, so I thought it might be nice to put together a blog that we can all contribute to.  Yes, very "new-fashioned", but to my mind helpful as a hub for communication.

So, to start off, I talked to dad today and things are still going back and forth.  As of now:
  • They're leaving him at the rehab place to get as much physical therapy as he can get done given his blood pressure issues.  There is some hope that changes to medications may be helping with that.  If necessary, they're going to do more tests, but not likely through French Hospital.  Apparently they've ruled out Marfan's.
  • He has moved to room 210B and flowers / cards / limited amounts of junk food (yes, I'm being the mom) are welcome there.  Interesting magazines, etc. would likely be well received. Address is: 1425 Woodside Drive San Luis Obispo, California 93401.  Phone: (805) 543-0210
  • In addiiton to all the medical specialists, he will be chatting with other professionals in the building (therapists, psychiatrists, etc.) to see if there are other contributing factors.  He has agreed to keep a list of everyone he's talked to and he and I will compare notes every day or so.  As we've discovered, one challenge is always getting all the doctors on the same page.
In other news, Vicki is looking into east coast locations for a potential move.  His current building is part of the Holiday Retirement System, so there are locations across the united states.  You can see a map here:

That's about it for now.  I will update here whenever I can and will give posting rights to anyone who asks for it.  We can reduce e-mails and be sure information gets out to everyone.

Sound good?